To Contribute to the  attainment of Gender Equality, Economic & Socio-Political Inclusion through Advocacy, Capacity Building ,Education and Research for Sustainable Development.

GREENLEAF ADVOCACY AND EMPOWERMENT CENTER is a non -governmental organization founded and incorporated on the 6th of August 2019 with registration number CAC/IT/no 133460 GREENLEAF NGO, is community based organization that promote gender responsive, socio-economically just and effectively implemented community development through education, research, mobilization, collaborations, partnership, and movement building against human rights violations, environmental pollution, climate injustice.

Greenleaf Advocacy and Empowerment Center commemorate World Environment Day 2021: Theme Ecosystem Protection. We join others to advocate for the protection of our Biodiversity, our environment speak much about us ,if we love and cherish the Environment by committing to planting more Trees, have Home garden,managed our waste and sanitation we have served the environment. We are  so much attached to the environment that destroying it means destroying our future and the earth will end with us.Ecosystem is our life love and cherish it, Have plant ☘️ today you too can do so, we can have a green city and a green nation if we are committed to protect our Ecosystem today

River States Women's Rights Organization protesting today to Rivers State House of Assembly on the Constitution Nigerian Women Want


Envision a just society that promotes gender equality, human and environmental/climate justice, human empowerment good health care service and sustainable development.